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New Year's Resolutions

Because let's face it, September is the New Year. None of this January crap.. that's not even the semester break (for me). So, here they are:

1. Be more social at Princeton. Get out of the room every night, even if it's just studying in the library. Explore new activities (Glee Club and A Cappella, In Sha Allah) and expand my involvement in old ones (PUP).

2. Contact home more frequently. Especially Dad. I didn't talk to him as much as I should have this past year. If I'm not calling him at least once a week, that's not enough. Mom will contact me as she feels necessary, I'm sure. She's never had any compunction about that.

2.5. Contact friends from home more frequently. I've let some relationships slip that I shouldn't have. If I'm not IMing everyone who reads this LJ (including you, Ozan) at least once a week, that's not enough.

3. Read more. Always have an extracurricular book near my bed. Read for at least 10 minutes every day. Try to mix in the fiction and non-fiction. Read more classics that I really should read.

4. Spend as much time with Blair as possible, without interfering with academics. Sorry honey, but academics come first for me. My parents are paying way too much for me to dick around with school. I'm sure you at least understand, if not agree wholeheartedly.

5. Figure out the future. There's two things princeton alums traditionally get asked: What was your major, and which eating club were you in. At the moment, I'm not sure of what my answer will be for either. This is something that will largely need to be figured out fall semester, so keep asking me about it.

6. Be more fit. Find time to go to the gym at least once, if not twice or three times a week. The damnable stairs should help me with this.

7. Explore my spirituality. I've decided to start going to Unitarian services. We'll start with at least once a month. This is somewhat related to 3, but I should also read some of the Bible. Old and New testaments.

This list isn't final, and I may add or change some things, up until Wednesday at midnight. Once I do compile a final list, I'm going to print it out and post it on my wall, to serve as a reminder.
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